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What about the mess?
Of course when attempting to defy gravity by putting liquid onto a vertical surface isn’t always the cleanest, we ensure that all areas that aren’t meant to have render on it, stay that way. We believe that prevention is far better than scraping and scrubbing at the end, this is why we make sure all windows, eaves, ground coverings, doors and tanks are taped and/or protected with 200um thick plastic that remains in place throughout the rendering process. Any areas that may be difficult to protect, such as plants, will be discussed with you prior to the application of render.

Why not the traditional sand and cement?
Technology! Civilization has come along way since the first records of solid plastering thousands of years ago, and fortunately for us, so has the development of cement based plaster compounds. Here at Completely Plaster we pride ourselves on using only the highest quality and cutting edge material. Our premixed polymer modified cement based renders offer superior adhesion to numerous substrates, excellent workability, accelerated setting time (no more waiting 4 weeks to paint!), error free mixing (no forgetting those important additives), excellent crack resistance, are hydrophobic (reduce water being sucked into the substrate that causes micro cracking and paint peeling) and most importantly, vigorously tested by the manufacture to offer 7 year product warranties for your peace of mind.

Do you use PVC angles on your externals?
We sure do! And once again, only the best PVC angles that are on the market. Our PVC angles are UV stabilised and impact resistance. What this means for you? Straight corners every time, and a much stronger and durable external angle that can withstand those all too common knocks and bumps around the house.

Can you quote me for the coloured finish
Yes we can! We’re fully licensed to undertake all coloured finishes on our render, be it a tinted texture product or 2 coats of paint! We can have our paint tinted to any Australian manufacturers colour!

Can you quote me for my cladding?
We are more than happy to quote you for the supply and install of cladding as the purpose of a rendering substrate. Whether its polystyrene foam, or blue board we have you covered!

Is the finished wall flat or will i still see bricks through it?
Flat! Although we offer bagging as an option, we strongly suggest you pull your pennies together and afford the upgrade to a rendered finish. Bagging (or poor man’s render) is often not a great deal cheaper than rendering. Generally your preparation time to tape up and protect wall fixtures and ground coverings is the same, and for the additional money now, it may save you allot of headaches down the track should you decide to change the bagged area to a rendered wall. During our rendering process, the application of 2 coats allows for any surface imperfections to be solved and the final coat to be flat as a tack!

What about payment?
We offer flexible payment options to suit you. While many people opt for payment via EFT, we also offer the ability to pay with EFTPOS, VISA or MASTERCARD on our mobile merchant machine for no extra fee. Of course we’ll take it however else it comes, whether that’s cheque, money order or cold hard cash.